An Bo Hyun Is Back With New Kdrama ‘Flex x Cop’

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The first episode of ‘Flex x Cop‘, a SBS Fri-Sat drama, aired on the 26th of January as a follow-up to ‘My Demon‘. The first episode ratings were said to have started off smoothly. However, it’s in a competitive situation with ‘Night Flower‘, which is recording the highest ratings for MBC Fri-Sat dramas, so it will be interesting to see if the ratings will increase as more episodes are released. ‘Flex x Cop’ can be viewed on Disney Plus or Apple TV.

Flex x Cop

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Police
  • Air Dates: From January 26, 2024 onwards
  • Episodes: 16 episodes (2 episodes released per week)
  • Directed by: Kim Jae-hong
  • Written by: Kim Bada
  • Starring: Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun, Kim Shin-bi, Kwak Si-yang

This drama is a collaboration between writer Kim Bada, who wrote ‘My Name‘, and director Kim Jae-hong, who co-directed ‘The Devil‘. Writer Kim Bada, who is in charge of the script, revealed that she wanted to create a work where viewers could enjoy the process of investigation and deduction without it being too heavy. She also previewed that viewers will be able to feel the taste of deduction that each episode provides.

what is the plot

This drama tells the story of Jin Yi-su, the youngest and most naive son of Han Soo Group, the top chaebol family in South Korea, who gets wrapped up in an unexpected event and is hired overnight as a detective for the Gang Ha Police Station’s first team. In the first episode, the protagonist Jin Yi-su accidentally catches a murderer and meets Lee Kang-hyun, the team leader of the Gang Ha Police Station’s first team, for the first time.

Lee Kang-hyun knows that Jin Yi-su got his job through connections and thinks he won’t last long, but Jin Yi-su shows more talent for police investigations than expected. Moreover, he manages to suppress those who were untouchable by the police because they had money or power by using even more money and connections, showing a satisfying investigation process.

Who is the cast

Jin Yi-su (played by Ahn Bo-hyun)

Jin Yi-su is the youngest son of the chaebol third-generation Han Soo Group. He has all sorts of qualifications, from skydiving to helicopter piloting, and as an enthusiast who enjoys diving and racing competitions, he is a social media star with a large number of followers. Then one day, he gets wrapped up in an incident and becomes a police officer.

He finds it bothersome, uninteresting, and has no interest in it, but when his fellow detectives subtly ignore and provoke him, he solves the case as if to show them off. After feeling a sense of accomplishment, he starts using the money he used to spend on his hobbies for investigations. The role of Jin Yi-su is played by actor Ahn Bo-hyun, who gave a passionate performance in ‘My Name‘.

Lee Kang-hyun (played by Park Ji-hyun)

Lee Kang-hyun is the team leader of the Gang Ha Police Station’s first team and is so proud and responsible for her investigations that she stakes her life on them. She followed in the footsteps of her father who had been a policeman for a long time, and was promoted to team leader in a short period of time, but when her father was falsely accused of accepting bribes and was dismissed, she began to receive the jealousy and contempt of her senior detectives.

She resolutely endures her life as a police officer with the determination to clear her father’s name with her own strength someday. Then a chaebol third-generation lands in her team. She tries to get rid of the bothersome and annoying Jin Yi-su in any way possible, but he solves the case in an unexpected way. The role of Lee Kang-hyun is played by actress Park Ji-hyun, who played the role of a chaebol daughter in ‘Reborn Rich‘. This time, she is not a chaebol.

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