Badland Hunters Don Lee’s Netflix Apocalypse Movie

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If you’re looking for a Korean blockbuster action movie, I recommend “Badland Hunters“, which is set to be released on Netflix next week on the 26th. “Badland Hunters” is a sequel to “Concrete Utopia” and is an apocalyptic movie that depicts the story of the survivors in Korea after an unprecedented earthquake. As someone who enjoyed the “The Roundup” series movies featuring actor Ma Dong-seok, who is well known as Don Lee, I’m looking forward to this movie.

“Badland Hunters” Introduction

“Badland Hunters” is a movie sharing the same universe as “Concrete Utopia,” which was released in August 2023. It’s an action blockbuster film depicting the struggle for survival of people who have survived in a world where everything has crumbled after a global earthquake. This film is the directorial debut of Heo Myung-haeng, who has served as a martial arts director in various works, including “Train to Busan” and “The Roundup” series. As he has worked with actor Ma Dong-seok for a long time, the action in this film is highly anticipated. Interestingly, this film is said to be Ma Dong-seok’s first appearance on Netflix. The release date is confirmed to be January 26, 2024, and it can be viewed on Netflix.

Plot Summary

Eight years after a global earthquake, the ruined city of Seoul transforms into a lawless wasteland. In a world where electricity, water, and food are all scarce, a hunter named Namsan survives by supplying food to his village. One day, Namsan, his apprentice Jiwan, and their follower Suna are approached by mysterious people who invite them to move into the legendary Imperial Palace Apartment. On their way to the apartment with her grandmother, Suna is kidnapped by the mad doctor, Yang Ki-su. Namsan and Jiwan begin a life-risking bloody battle to rescue Suna.

Characters (Actors)

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Namsan (Ma Dong-seok)

The character Namsan, played by actor Ma Dong-seok, is a hunter living in a lawless world. He fights against enemies with various weapons such as fists, machetes, shotguns, and rifles.

So far, in action movies like “The Roundup” and “Eternals” where Ma Dong-seok has appeared, he has often shown suppressing enemies with his bare fists. Even if he only uses his fists, there’s no need to worry, but this time he’s armed. I feel sorry for the enemies even before watching the movie. I’m already looking forward to seeing what kind of exhilarating action he will show this time.

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Yang Ki-su (Lee Hee-joon)

Yang Ki-su is the only doctor who has survived in the ruined world. Even just looking at his brief appearance in the trailer, he gives off the vibe of a mad scientist rather than a normal person. There also seems to be the existence of something like a zombie, which seems to have been created by Yang Ki-su through experiments.

The role of Yang Ki-su is played by actor Lee Hee-joon. He is also set to star in “A Killer Paradox“, which is scheduled to be released on Netflix in February. I’m already looking forward to seeing how he will show different aspects of himself in the upcoming works.

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Jiwan (Lee Jun-young)

There is no specific information about Jiwan other than that he is Namsan’s apprentice. However, judging by his appearance holding a bow in the movie poster, it seems like he is good at archery.

The role of Jiwan is played by actor Lee Jun-young. Lee Jun-young raised the immersion level of the drama as a legendary villain character in the Netflix series “Mask Girl“.

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Suna (No Jung-ui)

Suna is a teenage girl living with her grandmother alone. Suna, who followed Namsan well, is kidnapped by Yang Ki-su on her way to the Imperial Palace Apartment with her grandmother.

The role of Suna is played by actress No Jung-ui. Currently 22 years old, actress No Jung-ui began her acting career as a child actress, and her acting career spans a whopping 14 years. She has not yet played the lead role in a hit production, but she is an actress who is expected to have a bright future given her young age.

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