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Shooting Games
Ready, aim…fire! Shooting games put the player behind the barrel of every projectile launching weapon that can be imagined from your basic bow and arrow to a man-of-war cannon battery. If you’re looking for cool games what can be better than putting a .30-06 round through the head of some poor unsuspecting dope from 500 yards? Speaking only in terms of the victimless world of online flash games, of course.

From zombie hordes and snipers to heat packing stick figures and outer space phaser battles everything that moves through your crosshairs in ZayPlay games is fair game. Put your marksmanship skills to the ultimate test. If targeting live game isn’t your cup of tea but you still like the feel of a digital gun at the control of your mouse there are plenty of target practice games to warm up. For everyone else with a lust for destruction the enemies will never stop pouring out for you to pick off one by one. Shooting games are part of a challenging genre of simple point-and-click games that will keep gamers coming back for more. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best and what can be simpler than pulling the trigger?

But simple doesn’t imply easy. There is a reason this genre is one of the most popular and has been around since gaming was in its infancy. Besides fulfilling that primordial urge for combat that most males harbor beneath a mild-mannered exterior (and the occasional female who can’t resist unloading a full magazine here and there) these games require real skill and above average hand eye coordination, not to mention a steady hand. Besides gunning down the opposition the player must have an eagle eye and reflexes for survival because usually you’re not the only guy with a gun. Avoid counter attacks, upgrade your firepower, try not to shoot the grandmother crossing the street instead of the mob boss, and keep the lead flying.

If you’re looking for non-stop action games this is the niche for you. With decent reaction time and as little mercy as a cartel kingpin you have the chance to prove yourself as an expert gaming gunman. Rack up a high score with a massive body count and outstanding accuracy. With tons of weapons and levels to choose from you’re sure to satiate the demands of the gun enthusiast in you. Shooting games are the perfect way to blow off steam after a long and stressful day and have fun while doing it. Sit down, gear up, put on your full metal jacket and take aim.
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