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The Korean fantasy drama I’m introducing today is “Death’s Game”. With its unique theme of death and reincarnation, meticulously crafted story, and the stellar performances of the actors, it has gained significant popularity causing a 497% increase in the number of TVING subscribers just a month after its release. Knowing the ending of the original webtoon, I didn’t have high expectations for the drama. However, even though I already knew the ending, it was still very entertaining. If you’re a fan of the reincarnation genre in Korean dramas, you’ll definitely enjoy “Death’s Game”.

“Death’s Game” Introduction

“Death’s Game” is a drama exclusively released on TVING on December 15, 2023. You can now watch all the episodes until the end. This drama is also based on a Naver webtoon, just like “Marry My Husband” that I introduced yesterday. There are many webtoons with fun and fresh themes in Korea these days. Therefore, popular webtoons are often remade into movies or dramas. “Death’s Game” is no exception. Unfortunately, this drama is not available on Netflix, but instead, you can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Plot Summary

The protagonist, job seeker Choi I-jae, chooses to end his life, unable to bear the weight of his existence. To I-jae, who thought everything would end with death, the immortal existence called Death appears. And Death makes a proposal. He offers I-jae twelve chances to live someone else’s life, and if there is a life that survives among them, he will allow him to spend the rest of his life. Death’s proposal stimulates the protagonist’s will to survive. Will I-jae be able to find a way to dodge death and live the rest of his life from the twelve opportunities?

Main Characters (Actors)

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Choi I-jae (Seo In-guk)

The protagonist, Choi I-jae, was born into a low-income family and, after seven years of failing to find a job, decides that death would be easier than living. He thought he would go to hell when he died, but he meets Death, an immortal existence, and gets the chance to live someone else’s life. However, he had no idea what the price was for taking death lightly.

The role of the protagonist Choi I-jae is played by actor Seo In-guk. When the production of the “Death’s Game” drama was confirmed, many webtoon subscribers had the opinion that actor Seo In-guk would be a good fit for the protagonist, and their wish came true. Thus, with high synchronization with the original character and Seo In-guk’s solid performance, the actor once again captivated the viewers.

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Death (Park So-dam)

Death is the immortal being who gives the protagonist, who has ended his own life, twelve lives and deaths before falling to hell. What could be the intention of Death?

The role of Death is played by actress Park So-dam, who appeared in “Parasite“. It’s said that Park So-dam received an offer to appear in this drama while she was resting after undergoing thyroid cancer surgery in 2021. She said that when she first received the offer, it was most challenging to understand the unfamiliar character of Death. She tried to infuse the character with emotions and a feminine touch. It’s exciting to see what Death, as portrayed by actress Park So-dam, will look like.

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Park Tae-woo (Kim Ji-hoon)

Park Tae-woo is the eldest son of a large Korean corporation and a CEO respected by everyone. However, behind that, he is a psychopath who commits evil deeds without feeling any guilt. In fact, Park Tae-woo is a character that did not exist in the original work. However, it’s said that the drama has become more tense and thrilling by incorporating this character well into the story.

The villain of “Death’s Game”, Park Tae-woo, is played by actor Kim Ji-hoon, who also played a villain in “Ballerina“. Having been in the industry for 22 years, he had an image of not fitting into villain roles as he only played good characters in the past. However, he is breaking that prejudice through his villain acting in recent works. It would be worth looking forward to an even more upgraded villain performance by actor Kim Ji-hoon.

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