First Still of Don Lee’s Action Movie ‘The Roundup 4’ Released

The first still image from ‘The Roundup 4’, a representative action franchise movie of Korea, has been released. The film’s poster and stills were unveiled as it was invited to the Berlin International Film Festival for the first time in The Roundup series, a significant achievement for a Korean series film.

‘The Roundup 4’ started filming immediately after the shooting of the part 3 ended in November 2022. This rapid transition was possible because the production of the third and the part 4 was confirmed simultaneously due to the tremendous box office success and success of ‘The Roundup 2‘.

‘The Roundup 4’ is directed by Heo Myung-Haeng, who also directed ‘Badland Hunters‘, a Netflix original movie releasing this month. If you’re a fan of Don Lee’s thrilling action scenes, it might be worth watching ‘Badland Hunters’ first.

The Berlin Film Festival poster for ‘The Roundup’ part 4, which was released this time, shows Detective Ma Seok-Do making a charismatic radio call. The poster’s copy reads, “Don Lee (Actor Ma Dong-Seok) returns as the monster cop,” and Detective Ma Seok-Do looks a bit bigger, fitting enough to be called a real monster or Hulk.

What is the plot of ‘The Roundup 4’?

‘The Roundup 4’ depicts the upgraded crime crackdown operation of Detective Ma Seok-Do, who formed a cyber investigation team and a dedicated team to catch the country’s largest illegal online gambling organization.

who is the Casting of ‘the roundup’?

The cast of ‘The Roundup 4’ is almost identical to that of ‘The Roundup 3‘. To this, actor Kim Moo-Yul, who plays the main villain in the part 4, joins. Actor Kim Moo-Yul has previously teamed up with actor Ma Dong-Seok as a police officer in ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil‘, but this time his role has changed. His role in this film is a highly combative villain who is a former special forces member. This seems to reflect the viewers’ feedback that the villain’s impact was somewhat disappointing in the part 3.

There’s a character that can’t be left out when talking about the ‘The Roundup’ series, and that’s Jang Yi-Soo, played by actor Park Ji-Hwan. He was a scene-stealer in Part 1, played a key character role in Part 2, and while he didn’t appear in Part 3, leaving many fans disappointed, he has been hinted to return in Part 4 through a cookie video. In Part 4, it seems like we can expect him to team up with Detective Ma Seok-Do.

The ‘The Roundup’ series, both Part 2 and Part 3, are films that have surpassed ten million audiences in Korea. If Part 4 also surpasses ten million, it would set a record as the first to achieve three consecutive ten million movies. Although ‘The Roundup’ Part 3 did achieve an audience of ten million, many viewers felt somewhat disappointed compared to their expectations. Therefore, the crucial factor for the box office success of ‘The Roundup 4’ is expected to be whether it can meet the increasing expectations of the audience as the series progresses.

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