Kdrama ‘A Killer Paradox’ To Be Released On February 9

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If you’re a fan of the thriller genre in Korean dramas, you can look forward to “A Killer Paradox”, which is scheduled to be released on Netflix in February. Given that actors Choi Woo-shik and Son Seok-koo, who have already been recognized for their acting skills in various works, are appearing, I personally have high expectations for the drama.

“A Killer Paradox” Introduction

“A Killer Paradox” is a drama based on a webtoon. This piece is highly anticipated by many fans upon the news that the webtoon, which was highly praised for its dense plot development, is being directly adapted into a drama. Moreover, expectations are further amplified as director Lee Chang-hee, who directed the drama “Strangers from Hell” and the movie “The Vanished“, is once again taking the helm. I’m very curious about how they will capture the psychological dissonance of each character unique to the original work in the visuals. “A Killer Paradox” can be viewed on Netflix from February 9, 2024.

Plot Summary

Ordinary college student Lee Tang unexpectedly commits a murder one day. Upon learning that the person he killed was a criminal, Tang experiences a thrill he has never felt in his life. He then realizes that he has developed a special ability to distinguish villains, and in order to experience the pleasure of murder again, he starts hunting for criminals who should disappear from the world. Meanwhile, a toy detective who appears at the murder scene discovers the brutality of the crime scene and some loose ends, and starts looking for the perpetrator.

Characters (Actors)

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Lee Tang (Choi Woo-shik)

The protagonist, Lee Tang, is an ordinary college student who lives his life letting time go by, with no ambition for success or fluctuations in his emotions. One day, after finishing his night shift at a convenience store, he gets into a quarrel with a drunk customer and suffers verbal and physical abuse from the drunk. Frustrated and angry, Tang finds the drunk who trampled on him the previous night. He expresses all the emotions he had been suppressing through violence and eventually commits murder. However, when the person he killed turns out to be a serial killer, he becomes immersed in a pleasure and thrill he had never felt before.

The protagonist, Lee Tang, is played by Choi Woo-shik, who appeared in “Parasite” and “Train to Busan“. The role he takes on in “A Killer Paradox” is completely different from the roles he has taken on so far, so I have high expectations. It would be interesting to imagine what a serial killer with a good and youthful appearance would look like.

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Jang Nan-gam (Son Seok-koo)

Jang Nan-gam, with his amusing name(Jang Nan-gam means toy), is a detective with an outstanding intuition and a determination to do anything to catch the culprit. In the process of chasing Tang, who has become a murderer, he falls into a dilemma of sin and punishment when he finds out that all the people Tang killed were heinous criminals.

The role of Jang Nan-gam is played by actor Son Seok-koo, who delivered impressive performances in “DP” and “Big Bet“. Son Seok-koo’s intense gaze and rugged beard match very well with the image of a tough detective. He showed a softer side as a dispatched police officer in “Big Bet”, and I’m already looking forward to seeing what kind of detective he will portray this time.

Song Chon (Lee Hee-joon)

Song Chon is a character with a complicated past, a former detective, and a serial killer. He used to be a righteous police officer, but due to an incident, he becomes a murderer committing brutal murders. For some reason, he starts tracking Tang.

The role of Song Chon is played by actor Lee Hee-joon, who has left a strong presence in dramas like “Mouse” and “Legend of the Blue Sea“. Moreover, he is also starring alongside actor Ma Dong-seok in “Badland Hunters“, which is soon to be released on Netflix on January 26th.

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