Kdrama ‘Marry My Husband’ First Prime Video Top 10

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According to the OTT ranking aggregation site, ‘Marry My Husband‘ achieved 6th place in the weekly ranking of Prime Video Top 10 in Worldwide TV shows in the first week of January when the first broadcast began. Subsequently, it achieved 2nd place in the global weekly rankings for three consecutive weeks from the second week to the fourth week.

First Kdrama to enter Prime Video TOP 10

As of the 30th, it has entered the TOP10 in 112 countries worldwide, and is particularly recording 1st place in 33 countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. If this trend continues, it is expected that it will be able to achieve 2nd place in the monthly rankings for the first time among Korean dramas serviced on Prime Video.

Additionally, ‘Marry My Husband’ also became the first Korean drama to enter the Prime Video TV Show TOP10 in North and South America and European countries. The success of ‘Marry My Husband’ is also being highlighted in overseas media. A famous magazine in the UK recently praised the popularity of ‘Marry My Husband’, describing it as an incredibly addictive and fantastic melodrama that tells a tale of revenge through time travel. Furthermore, the story is simple, but it precisely reflects what viewers want, which has increased satisfaction and is seen as a factor in its popularity.

Until now, Korean dramas have been popular in specific genres, especially in the Western world. However, with the broadcast of ‘Marry My Husband’, it is gaining unprecedented popularity as a romance fantasy drama genre. It is expected that the viewership of various genres of Korean dramas will increase in the future thanks to this drama. You can check out the weekly top 7 Korean dramas in South Korea.

‘Marry My Husband’ releases new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM. So far, a total of 10 episodes have been released, with 6 remaining. With only three weeks left until the end of the drama, each episode is recording soaring viewership ratings.

‘Marry My Husband’ episode 9 synopsis

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In the episode 9 that aired yesterday, it signaled the start of a satisfying revenge. The story of the 9th episode begins with the protagonist Kang Ji-won being proposed to by her ex-husband Park Min-hwan. Ji-won deliberately spreads rumors at the company, and Sumin, who is jealous of this, intentionally entangles Min-hwan’s mother in a bad relationship to ruin Ji-won’s first meeting with parents.

On the day of the first meeting, Ji-won leaves the place saying that she doesn’t like this family and she will break off the marriage to Min-hwan’s mother who disrespects her parents by preaching about home education. She tells Min-hwan, who comes out right after her, that they are breaking up and if he touches her, she knocks him down coolly.

Already, I am curious about the contents of episode 10, which will be released today. After a long time, I am looking forward to the time when the drama episode is released. Anyone who has watched the drama will know why ‘Marry My Husband’ is popular overseas. This drama can be watched on Amazon Prime Video. If you like Korean dramas, it would be good to look forward to the 2024 Netflix Korean movie and drama lineup.

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