Lee Jun-Young ‘Badland Hunters’ Today Release On Netflix

Image credit – Netflix

Actor Lee Jun-young breaks away from the villain role, returning alongside actor Ma Dong-seok. Lee Jun-young takes on the role of a partner in crime with Ma Dong-seok in the Netflix original Korean film ‘Badland Hunters‘, which is released today.

In his previous works, he made a strong impression with his presence as a villain in the Netflix series ‘D.P‘ and ‘Mask Girl‘. He also received critical acclaim for his acting in the film ‘Brave Citizen‘ released last year, where he played a character who was an unruly absolute ruler in a school, inciting anger among the audience.

However, in ‘Badland Hunters’, he plays the role of Ma Dong-seok’s partner who does his best to help people, albeit not very skilled. At the press conference, Lee Jun-young introduced his character as a friend who learns and grows a lot with the help of Nam-san (played by Ma Dong-seok). He also expressed his excitement and honor to be able to greet with a new character after playing only villains recently.

Who is Lee Jun-Young

Before becoming an actor, Lee Jun-young debuted as a singer under the name Jun, joining the team U-KISS as a new member. From 2017, he began to use his real name as he embarked on his acting career in earnest.

The reason he started acting was that during his singer activities, his filming time for music videos was longer compared to the other members. So, to overcome this, he practiced facial expressions, and felt a sense of accomplishment when the filming time was reduced. As he became interested in acting, he began practicing alone with movie and drama scripts and persistently auditioned. That led to his debut as an actor in 2017, when he was cast in the drama ‘Avengers Social Club‘.

After building his acting skills through numerous works, he received much attention for his villain characters in recent works. It’s already exciting to think about what new aspects he will show in ‘Badland Hunters’.

Badland Hunters today release

On the other hand, ‘Badland Hunters’ is an action blockbuster that depicts the desperate struggle for survival of those living in a lawless world ruled only by power, in a world reduced to ruins. It will be released worldwide today through Netflix.

Actor Ma Dong-seok, who played the powerful detective Ma Seok-do in the ‘The Roundup‘ series, returns as a hunter fighting villains in Seoul, which has been devastated by a major disaster. In ‘The Roundup’, he mainly showed bare-handed action using his fists, but in ‘Badland Hunters’, he displays action using various weapons, from machetes to handguns and rifles. Moreover, his unique humor, which is hard to distinguish between scripted dialogue and ad-libs as shown in the trailer, also shines.

It will be interesting to see what kind of reviews the Korean movie ‘Badland Hunters’ will receive from audiences worldwide.

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