‘Shadow Detective’ Season 1 Well Made K-Drama Review

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Shadow Detective‘, available on Disney Plus, is a well-made Korean drama with two seasons out so far. Personally, I found Season 2 more entertaining, but you have to watch Season 1 first to truly appreciate the fun of the drama. Therefore, if you’ve already encountered Season 2, I recommend watching Season 1 first. Also, this post will be about the plot, characters, and my personal review of ‘Shadow Detective’ Season 1. If you like crime thrillers and haven’t watched this drama yet, I recommend giving it a try.

Shadow Detective Season 1

  • Genre: Crime, Detective, Thriller
  • Release Date: October 2022
  • Episodes: 8 parts
  • Director: Han Dong-Hwa
  • Actors: Lee Sung-Min, Jin Goo, Kyung Soo-Jin, Lee Hak-Joo

The drama was produced by Studio Dragon, a South Korean drama production company. They plan and produce more than 30 dramas annually, with notable works including ‘Sweet Home‘, ‘The Signal‘, and ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella‘.

What is the plot?

Veteran detective Kim Taek-Rok, who has been tracking cases for 30 years at the Gumo Police Station, receives a mysterious phone call one day. Subsequently, he suddenly becomes a murder suspect as per the blackmailer’s intent. However, his juniors and colleagues, while suspecting him as a suspect, also think that there might be a different real culprit and together chase the criminal. While gathering clues to catch the blackmailer, they discover that there are hints in the cases Taek-Rok handled in the past and proceed with a reinvestigation.

Who is the cast?

Kim Taek-Rok (Actor Lee Sung-Min)

A 30-year veteran detective with excellent intuition and skills. However, one day, he receives a mysterious phone call and is accused as a murder suspect, leading him to trace his own past to clear his name.

Actor Lee Sung-Min, who showed impressive performances in the previously written ‘A Bloody Lucky Day,’ and ‘Reborn Rich,’ has well digested this detective character, allowing viewers to deeply immerse themselves.

Gook Jin-Han (Actor Jin Goo)

He is newly appointed as the head of the investigation department at Gumo Police Station. He suspects Kim Taek-Rok as a strong suspect and watches his actions. However, after realizing that he is not the murder suspect, he tracks the mysterious blackmailer with Kim Taek-Rok.

Lee Sung-Ah (Actress Kyung Soo-Jin)

She is a detective at the Gumo Police Station’s Strong 2 team. She is a character with a strong sense of loyalty and respects Kim Taek-Rok.

Son Kyung-Chan (Actor Lee Hak-Joo)

He is a detective at the Gumo Police Station’s Strong 2 team. He voluntarily came to Gumo Police Station to work with his role model, Kim Taek-Rok.

Simple review

The story unfolds in a complex yet exciting manner. Various cases emerge in the situation of confrontation with the blackmailer, and the way the story progresses to solve them arouses the viewer’s tension and interest. However, if you miss the complex story flow, you may not understand why the subsequent content unfolded as it did. Also, the chemistry between the protagonist and the surrounding characters was quite good, making it easy to focus on the drama.

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