‘The King of Pigs’ Based On The Original Work By Yeon Sang Ho

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The King of Pigs‘ is a drama that deals with school violence and was released on Tving in March 2022. This drama is an adaptation of the animation of the same name by director Yeon Sang-ho. The original was a story of reminiscing about the past and feeling regret. However, the drama has changed to a crime thriller genre with a murder case that arises as a result. ‘The King of Pigs’ is similar to ‘The Glory‘, which I reviewed yesterday, in that it tells the story of taking revenge on school violence perpetrators. However, this drama has a twist. It’s hard to say what the twist is for those who haven’t seen it yet, but you’ll feel heavy-hearted after watching it. Now, let’s take a look at the rough plot and the characters of this drama.

The King of Pigs

  • Genre: Thriller, Crime, Revenge, School
  • Release Date: March 18, 2022
  • Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Directed by: Kim Dae-jin, Kim Sang-woo
  • Actors: Kim Dong-wook, Kim Sung-kyu, Chae Jung-an, Choi Hyun-jin, Oh Min-suk, etc.

What is the plot

Detective Jung Jong-seok of the violent crime division receives a message from a friend from 20 years ago at the scene of a murder one day. As a series of mysterious serial killings unfold, he is forced to recall the violent memories of his school days that he didn’t want to remember. And he remembers the existence of a friend who helped him when he was a victim of school violence. What happened to them in the past?

Who is the cast

Hwang Kyung-min (played by Kim Dong-wook)

Hwang Kyung-min is a victim of school violence and domestic violence during his middle school days. Despite being bullied at school, he endures the violence silently, thinking that it will be okay after a year. However, as an adult, he fails to overcome the trauma of school violence from his middle school days and begins to seek revenge on the perpetrators of school violence. The role of Hwang Kyung-min is played by actor Kim Dong-wook, who showed a fantastic performance in the recent drama ‘Delightfully Deceitful‘.

Jung Jong-seok (played by Kim Sung-kyu)

Jung Jong-seok is the only friend of Hwang Kyung-min, a victim of school violence. He tries to help Hwang Kyung-min who is being bullied at school, but eventually becomes a victim of school violence himself. As an adult, he becomes a competent police officer who earns the trust of his subordinates. The role of Jung Jong-seok is played by actor Kim Sung-kyu, who played a creepy villain in ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil.

Kang Jin-ah (played by Chae Jung-an)

Kang Jin-ah is a detective who graduated from the same police university as Jung Jong-seok. Although she was not in the original work, in the drama, she finds out that the murder case is related to her colleague, Jung Jong-seok. And she starts to dig into the past to catch the criminal. The role of Kang Jin-ah is played by actress Chae Jung-an.

Kim Chul (played by Choi Hyun-jin)

Kim Chul is the only friend who fought against the perpetrators when Hwang Kyung-min and Jung Jong-seok were victims of school violence during middle school. However, he was a mentally distressed child due to his poor family situation, and eventually ended his life by suicide. The role of Kim Chul is played by child actor Kim Chul, who appeared as Woo Young-woo’s younger brother in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘.

Kang Min (played by Oh Min-suk)

Kang Min is a character who was at the center of school violence perpetrators during middle school. As the son of a doctor’s family, he is good at studying and wealthy, so even the teachers like him. However, he is actually the leader of school violence, ordering other kids to torment Hwang Kyung-min and Jung Jong-seok. As an adult, he follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a doctor. The role of Kang Min is played by actor Oh Min-suk.


After watching this drama, I felt a lot of empathy for the character Hwang Kyung-min, a victim of school violence. It shows how much a person can be destroyed by the trauma of school violence from their childhood, and his revenge as an adult, while brutal, was something I couldn’t help but understand. Compared to the original work by director Yeon Sang-ho, there are much more brutal scenes in the drama, which may be a matter of preference, but personally, I think the newly adapted drama is a work that suits viewers who want revenge more. Also, if you want a drama with a twist, I recommend giving this drama. ‘The King of Pigs’ can be viewed on Apple TV or Amazon Prime.

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