‘Exhuma’ Upcoming Korean Occult Movie Feburary 2024

Exhuma Official Poster

If you’re a fan of Korean horror, mystery, and occult films, I recommend “Exhuma”, which is set to hit theaters in February. “Exhuma”, a title that’s anything but ordinary, is helmed by director Jang Jae-hyun, the master of occult films. He has previously showcased Korean-style occult films through works such as “The Priests” and “Svaha“. Just the recently released short trailer alone has amplified expectations by presenting an overwhelming atmosphere. Although a firm date hasn’t been set yet, it’s expected to be released in South Korea in mid-February. The international release date has not been announced yet.

What is the Plot of “Exhuma”?

When a series of strange events occur to a family living in LA, they call upon a shaman. The shaman senses a dark shadow cast over the family and decides to perform a ritual to appease their ancestors by excavating a grave. To conduct the appeasement ritual, they seek help from the best geomancer and funeral director, and after many twists and turns, they begin to excavate a mysterious grave. However, ominous energy begins to emanate from the grave, raising the question, what exactly is happening to them?

Who Is In The Cast of “Exhuma”?

Exhuma Screen

Sang-deok (Actor Choi Min-sik)

Sang-deok is a geomancer who, at the request of Shaman Hwalim, helps locate the grave. He immediately realizes that the location of the grave is unusual.

The role of Sang-deok is played by actor Choi Min-sik, who recently showed impressive acting in “Big Bet“. He is a nationally recognized actor in South Korea who has perfectly digested the characters in numerous works. However, this is his first time challenging an occult film in his 35-year debut. His acting has always moved audiences, so there is a lot of anticipation for how he will portray his character in this film.

Exhuma Screen

Hwalim (Actress Kim Go-eun)

Hwalim is a shaman who seeks to solve a family’s supernatural phenomena by finding a grave.

The role of Hwalim is played by actress Kim Go-eun, who starred in “Guardian“. In “Guardian”, she had to portray a character from high school student to adult, captivating viewers with her delicate acting appropriate for each age. For this film, she met a real shaman teacher to learn every process, including gestures, dance movements, and expressions, to perfectly digest her role as a shaman. The scene of her performing a ritual in the movie might be one of the highlights of the film.

Exhuma Screen

Young-geun (Actor Yoo Hae-jin)

Young-geun is a top-notch funeral director who has handled even the president’s funeral.

The role of Young-geun is played by actor Yoo Hae-jin, who showed entertaining acting in the movie “Confidential Assignment“. He is one of the actors who is well-suited for humorous and playful acting. However, in this film, he is expected to portray a very serious and solemn character. He even learned the process of cremating bodies from a real funeral director for the role of Young-geun. I’m already looking forward to seeing how he will portray the funeral director.

Exhuma Screen

Bong-gil (Actor Lee Do-hyun)

Bong-gil is a promising shaman who accompanies Hwalim. As a shaman of the MZ generation, he plays a role in solidly protecting Hwalim.

The role of Bong-gil is played by actor Lee Do-hyun. He has also appeared in “Death’s Game“, which I introduced yesterday. Currently, he is serving in the military, so he was unable to attend the preview.

“Exhuma” Official Trailer

“Exhuma” has been confirmed for release in South Korea in February 2024, and the preview event has been successfully wrapped up. As of now, there is no information available regarding the international release date. Once the international release date is announced, I will update you with the new information.”

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