Kdrama ‘Knight Flower’ Start With High Ratings

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Knight Flower” is a historical drama that aired on public television on January 12th. It runs for a total of 12 episodes, with two episodes being released every Friday and Saturday. The genre of this drama is historical action comedy, and the lead role is played by Lee Ha-nee, who wonderfully portrayed comic acting in the movie “Extreme Job“. “Knight Flower” also exists as a webtoon. Although it is common to produce dramas based on webtoons, this webtoon is said to be based on the drama. However, the webtoon series is just a little faster than the drama airing schedule.

From the first broadcast, this drama, which showed high ratings, quickly rose to the top of the content rankings on OTT platforms in Korea. It remains to be seen whether the drama’s ratings will be maintained until the end. This drama can also be watched on Apple TV.

What Is The Plot Of “Knight Flower”?

Cho Yeohwa enters into a marriage with one of Joseon’s most prestigious families, but becomes a widow who must spend her life mourning her dead husband, even before their wedding ceremony. Thus, she leads a double life, living as a quiet and calm daughter-in-law during the day, and wearing a mask to go out and help the unfortunate at night. This is how the drama’s story unfolds.

Who Is In The Cast Of “Knight Flower”?

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Cho Yeohwa (Actress Lee Ha-nee)

Cho Yeohwa is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Left State Councillor’s family. On her wedding day, her groom passed away, making her a widow for 15 years. She has one secret: at night, she wears a mask and helps those in need. Her day and night are different, and she lives a double life. However, things start to get complicated when she gets involved with Park Suho.

The role of Cho Yeohwa is played by actress Lee Ha-nee. She is good at playing serious characters like in the movie “Phantom,” but personally, I think she shines more when she plays comedic characters like now. Her face seems to be etched with an irrepressible smile. For those who enjoy her acting, “Knight Flower” will be hard to pass by. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance she will deliver this time to entertain the viewers.

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Park Suho (Actor Lee Jong-won)

Park Suho is a talented and handsome official of the Geumuiyoung. He excels in swordsmanship, but if there’s one thing he lacks, it’s flexibility. One day, he helps a masked person, only to find out that the person is not a man but a woman. Since their first meeting, they coincidentally collide on every case he takes on, and he learns a tremendous secret.

The role of Park Suho is played by actor Lee Jong-won. As a model-turned-actor, his tall stature and handsome looks are striking. So far, it seems like he hasn’t yet found a work that widely showcases his talents. I’m looking forward to seeing if this work will provide an opportunity to introduce him a bit more.

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Seok Jiseong (Actor Kim Sang-joong)

Seok Jiseong is the Left State Councillor who has received the praise of being the best trader in Joseon since the founding of the nation. He faithfully serves the king. At home, he is Cho Yeohwa’s affectionate father-in-law.

The role of Seok Jiseong is played by actor Kim Sang-joong. He is famous as an actor, but he is more known as the host of the current affairs program “Unanswered Questions”. He said that he can’t even dare to play light and fun characters because of his intellectual and cool image built through the current affairs program.

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Park Yoonhak (Actor Lee Kiwoo)

Park Yoonhak is Park Suho’s older brother and the current Left Vice Premier. He has been a friend of King Isu since childhood and is secretly tracking the assassination case of the previous king with him. At the same time, he is trying to prevent his younger brother, Park Suho, from getting involved in dangerous matters.

The role of Park Yoonhak is played by actor Lee Kiwoo. Lee Kiwoo is a fashion model-turned-actor who debuted with the movie “Classic“.

“Knight Flower” Korean Teaser

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