Kdrama Marry My Husband To Watch In January 2024

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Let me introduce a Korean drama I’ve been enjoying lately. The title is “Marry My Husband”, and it falls under the genre of romantic comedy. The plot revolves around the protagonist who goes back in time to take revenge on her friend and husband who betrayed her. If you enjoyed Korean dramas like “Reborn Rich“, “Death’s Game” and “The Glory“, you’ll surely find this drama entertaining as well.

Marry My Husband Introduction

“Marry My Husband” is a tvN drama that first aired on January 1, 2024. It’s based on a web novel and a webtoon of the same name published on Naver, releasing two new episodes every week. So far, up to episode 4 has been released, and the average Korean viewership rating is 7.6%, which is steadily increasing. With these ratings, it can be considered a very popular drama in Korea. Unfortunately for Netflix subscribers, this drama is currently only available on Amazon Prime.

Simple Synopsis

“Marry My Husband” is a drama about Kang Ji-won, who was killed by her husband on the day she caught him having an affair with her best friend. However, when she wakes up, she finds herself 10 years in the past. Realizing that what’s destined to happen will happen, she decides to pass her fate to her best friend, Jung Soo-min, by making her marry her husband.

During this process, the male lead Yoo Ji-hyuk, who had no connections with her in the past, enters her life. The drama unfolds around how these characters’ lives intertwine, how Kang Ji-won navigates her new life, and the unexpected consequences of her decisions. As the story progresses, viewers are kept intrigued about the direction the plot will take and the fate of the characters.

4 Main Characters

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Kang Ji-won (31)

The protagonist of “Marry My Husband”, Kang Ji-won (played by actress “Park Min-young“), grew up receiving abundant love from her father. She was a warm-hearted character with a radiant smile. However, her life turns tragic due to her ill-chosen friend and husband. She goes through hardship, gets diagnosed with cancer, and even witnesses her husband’s affair with her friend. Worse still, she is murdered by her own husband. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself back to 10 years ago. From then on, she decides to take revenge by transferring the destiny she was supposed to live to her friend.

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Yoo Ji-hyuk (30)

The dependable supporter of the protagonist, Yoo Ji-hyuk (played by actor “Na In-woo“), is intelligent, physically attractive, and from a good family. However, he didn’t believe in love from a young age. He once held feelings for a woman but lost her because he didn’t know how to express his love. After losing her, he comes to realize what he should have done.

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Park Min-hwan (33)

The protagonist’s ex-husband and current boyfriend, Park Min-hwan (played by actor “Lee Yi-kyung“), has always been popular with women due to his decent height and looks. As he reached the age to marry, he was looking for a woman who could cook and earn money in place of his mother. That’s when he discovered the protagonist. However, he starts to develop feelings for the protagonist’s friend Soo-min one day.

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Jung Soo-min (31)

The protagonist’s only best friend, Jung Soo-min (played by actress “Song Ha-yoon“), attracts people with her seemingly kind face and sympathetic behavior. This is how she approached Kang Ji-won and became her closest friend. However, to Soo-min, Ji-won was not a dear friend but a target from whom she wanted to steal everything.

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