‘The Bequeathed’ and ‘LTNS’ New Release K-Drama Today

Today, Netflix original series ‘The Bequeathed‘ and Tving original series ‘LTNS’ are being released simultaneously. Netflix, having received harsh criticism for the weak narrative and progression of ‘Gyeongseong Creature‘ released on the 5th, is aiming for a mood reversal with its new work ‘The Bequeathed’. Let’s take a closer look at these new release K-Drama.

Netflix Original Series ‘The Bequeathed’

Image credit – NETFILX

Consisting of a total of 6 episodes, ‘The Bequeathed’ is a story about a series of ominous events that occur after inheriting a family graveyard, left behind after the death of a small father. Director Yeon Sang-ho, who sparked a global Korean zombie craze with the movie ‘Train to Busan‘, and directed Netflix series ‘Hellbound‘ and ‘JUNG_E‘, participated in the planning and script, and Director Min Hong-nam, who has worked hand in hand with Director Yeon for a long time, directs.

A family graveyard is an important heritage in Korea, where ancestors are honored through tombs. Director Min Hong-nam said he wanted to show the most Korean yet unfamiliar and eerie mystery story through ‘The Bequeathed’. And the strange atmosphere in the drama can already be confirmed through the released trailer.

Actress Kim Hyun-joo plays the role of Yoon Seo-ha, who inherits a family graveyard and gets involved in ominous events. And actors Park Hee-soon, Park Byung-eun, and Ryu Kyung-soo also perform passionately. With a smooth story progression and reliable actors, it is exciting to see what viewers’ opinions will be on ‘The Bequeathed’.

Tving Original Series ‘LTNS’

Image credit – TVING

‘LTNS’, which is being released on Tving on the same day, targets viewers with a 19+ comedy genre. ‘LTNS’, an abbreviation for ‘Long Time No Sex’, is a work that deals with the story of a couple who have even become desirous of a relationship in a salty reality, chasing the backs of adulterous couples to make money. The story begins when the husband, who was afraid of his wife’s fierce appearance as reality became tougher and even avoided the bed, brings a new business item using an adulterous couple.

The new release K-drama, ‘LTNS’ is co-directed by Director Jeon Go-woon and Director Lim Dae-hyung, who directed the movie ‘Microhabitat‘. Actress Lee Som and actor Ahn Jae-hong, who had been in harmony in ‘Microhabitat’, gathered again and became a hot topic.

The two, who met as lovers in previous works, become a couple in this work and are expected to show a different chemistry. With the sexless couple character and the bed scenes of the adulterous couple appearing in each episode, the level of intimacy is expected to be high. It is already stimulating viewers’ expectations and curiosity, and it is exciting to see what results will be in the ratings.

Unfortunately, Tving is an OTT platform that only services in Korea, unlike Netflix, making it difficult for overseas viewers to watch ‘LTNS’ immediately. I hope that they can collaborate with overseas OTT companies such as Amazon Prime or Disney Plus soon, so that viewers abroad can also enjoy this drama.

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